Service Project for Local Animal Shelter

How incredibly fitting that my season of giving began with a dog shelter! A few years ago, in lieu of birthday gifts, I asked my friends and family to instead give me dog items that I could donate. I was hoping for 29 items, and I received over 75 much-needed items (WHOA!) that I then donated to Operation Kindness, the no-kill animal shelter and hospital in North Texas where I got my little pup, Trip. He was brought to them with a severely broken leg, heart worms and a broken spirit. He overcame all of those things with their help and now brings me complete joy every day!

Check out the fun video we made together to tell all our friends and family THANK YOU!

You can visit Operation’s Kindness’ Amazon Wishlist any time and send a much needed item, big or small, to them directly.

Your giving of $5 whenever you can spare it makes a huge difference! Most animal shelters, like this no-kill one in North Texas, are run primarily by volunteers and every single $ helps provide medical care, clean shelter, nutritious food and playtime in a natural setting until they are adopted into new forever homes.

I know how much Trip has made a difference in my life, so if you feel as passionately about your furry friend as I do, then I urge you to look for different ways you can help! During the summer, lots of animal shelters even have kids programs where they can walk dogs or read to shy dogs, ect. Do your research! Find something super fun and share your excitement with others!

And honestly, if animals aren’t your thing, decide what is and see how you can contribute to that. I’ve had such a good time finding local charities that I can pour into and help out – ones that do everything from supporting terminal mothers to gifting prom dresses to underprivileged teens to donating beds to families that can’t afford them. There is so much good to be done so start your search today and see how you can start giving back in a way that’s meaningful to you!


If you’re interested in doing a fun and rewarding service project like this with your friends and family, check out my HOW-TO on getting started. Check out some of my other projects here and get inspired! Or not quite ready to jump all the way in? You can follow and participate in my next project and even CO-HOST! Sign up for my newsletter here and get first dibs at all the kindness in action! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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