A Birthday Service Project

To celebrate the big 3-0, I decided to SHARE my birthday! I teamed up with The Birthday Party Project, a super cute nonprofit organization that brings JOY to homeless children through the magic of BIRTHDAYSWith the help of our birthday enthusiasts (volunteers), they host monthly birthday bashes at homeless and transitional living facilities across the country. Their themed parties are complete with activities and games, decorations, cakes, and FUN for all the children and families living at the agency.

Instead of presents, I asked family and friends to donate $5 birthday books that could be gifted at these parties to the birthday kids! Together we donated over 200 books – that’s 200 kids that will get a fun gift on their birthday! I volunteer at a party every April and am always blown away by the sweet kids, who are the littlest victims of circumstances that they can’t control. I urge you to look into what you can do for your local chapter! They host birthday parties at 48 different shelters across the US each month, so odds are there’s one close to you – see all their locations here!

Photo Jan 21, 12 56 12 PM.png

I then went to Holland on a whim and reveled in the biggest, most beautiful tulip garden in the world, Keukenhof (more on Amsterdam here)! I hope to make an impact on some kiddies so they’ll one day have the opportunity to see beautiful things of the world like I do!



If you’re interested in doing a fun and rewarding service project like this with your friends and family, check out my HOW-TO on getting started. Check out some of my other projects here and get inspired! Or not quite ready to jump all the way in? You can follow and participate in my next project and even CO-HOST! Sign up for my newsletter here and get first dibs at all the kindness in action! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

TRAVEL BONUS! I’ve been to 15+ countries and have my personal tips for each location to share with you! Paris * Amsterdam * Northern Lights in Norway * My Fav Travel Items * Rio de Janeiro * Iceland * Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany * Airbnb TipsSummer Olympics I Can Fly * Harry Potter Studio in London * Auschwitz * Cheap Flights 101Ireland * Ultimate Bucket List * Albuquerque Balloon Festival * Luxury Travel Items * Disney World for Adults (coming soon… Train through Switzerland, Sound of Music in Salzburg and Havana, Cuba!)

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