DIY Chemo Care Package

DIY Chemo Care Package

As someone that’s undergone chemo, I know from experience that a little can go a long way. For anyone interested in gifting or making their own DIY chemo care package for someone you know that’s in the fight of their life, I’ve listed a few of my favorite things that I found to be the most helpful. Any one of these items would be a really sweet gesture and are guaranteed to bring a smile to the person on the other end. ☀️ The items below and more can all be found on Amazon here.

Dry skin is for real. A gentle but heavy duty moisturizing lotion and soap are a must-have. (No scent is a big deal when the smallest smell can make you nauseous)

Mouth dryness is a super annoying symptom of chemo. Biotene was my fav brand of moisturizing mouthwash that actually made a difference.

Chapped lips are serious, so an intense moisturizing lip balm without a scent is a must-have.

These singles are great for carrying with you and wiping off any and all surfaces. Because germs. And tissues are a must-have to carry with you at all times. Accidents, tears, etc.

Weighted blankets are the new best thing. They help tremendously with anxiety and with falling asleep. (If you struggle with either of those, try one! They’re amazing!)

A cute and warm beanie is always great. This brand, Love Your Melon, is my fav because they’re simple and cute, and for every beanie sold, they also gift one to a child battling cancer.

My feet were always cold and these warm and relaxing Dr. Scholl’s spa socks with grippers are great for walking and lounging around in 24/7.

On the other hand, cold therapy socks and cooling towels are great for swelling and aching feet and hot flashes.

Therapeutic gloves and face masks that get hot AND cold are great since chills and hot flashes both happen and fluctuate often.

Anything to help relax, like a comfortable neck pillow for the oncology center or home in their comfy chair; soft and comfy earplugs for when they need peace and quiet; small noise cancelling earbuds are great for drowning out noise and helping rest.

Distractions are always welcome – like fun coloring books to do during treatment. One for the optimist, and one for the badass!

I lived on caffeine free hot tea – peppermint, lemon and ginger are the best as they’re each good for combating nausea and helping relax.

Ginger chews also help with nausea and Chimes is the best brand I found. This multi-pack is great so they can choose which flavor they like best. Funny, before going through chemo I never cared for mango flavored anything. During treatment I found I loved it and years later still do. I also loved sucking on lemon heads since they helped “numb” my painfully dry and cracked mouth.

Queasy Drops and Pops are a sucking “candy” made by drs especially for chemo patients to help with nausea. The honey were my favorite, and I love these raspberry-flavored breast cancer supportive ones! Great to keep in your purse or car.

I ate A LOT of chicken broth. When nothing sounds good (which is quite often), a cup of chicken soup can do the trick. I kept these instant packets in my purse and used them all the time.

Little crackers are quick and easy and a good snack to safely take medicine with.

Another fun fact: Chemo kills your taste buds, and I was having a hard time tasting anything, meaning everything was super bland. My dr suggested I try putting something spicy to “wake up” my taste buds and it 100% helped. Years later I still put Tabasco on everything.

One of the best tips I ever received was about silverware… you start tasting the metal from regular silverware and it becomes overwhelming, so using plastic ware can help get rid of the nasty metal taste.

Not a lot of time? These ready-to-gift bags come filled with thoughtful and useful items too.

And the most important thing you can do for them… is a hand written note of encouragement ☀️ Cancer is a marathon. Having an encouraging and supporting group of people around you that can pick you up when you’re too worn out to even lift up your head makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 

If you’re interested in doing a fun and rewarding service project in honor of a friend or family member, check out my HOW-TO on getting started. Check out some of my other projects here and get inspired! Or not quite ready to jump all the way in? You can follow and participate in my next project and even CO-HOST! Sign up for my newsletter here and get first dibs at all the kindness in action! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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