A Sprinkle of Sunshine for Cancer Patients

I started 2019 off with a SPRINKLE OF SUNSHINE! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ 

A Sprinkle of Sunshine is a super cute little nonprofit founded by a local DFW teacher that gifts SUNSHINE SACS filled with special goodies to people going through chemo.

Photo credit: Hailey Loftis, A Sprinkle of Sunshine

These bags have things like chemical-free chapstick, hand sanitizer, tissues, tea bags, ginger chews, water, crackers, crystal light, candies, queasy drops, Biotene mouthwash, and most importantly handwritten cards. (Find the list of items + my own personal favs here for a DIY chemo care package)

Tabasco was my #1 favorite thing when I was going through chemo because it was the only thing that my poor dead taste buds could taste.

I made it my goal to share and support this sweet mission. I imagine finding a bright sweet gift in my chair as I go to that dreaded place and I get chills. Happy & joyful chills. 

With your help, we gifted over $1,000 worth of supplies!

With your help, we gifted over $1,000 worth of supplies to A Sprinkle of Sunshine and helped stuff Sunshine Sacs for over 100 precious people. Thanks for helping SPRINKLE SOME SUNSHINE! ☀️


If you’re interested in doing a fun and rewarding service project like this with your friends and family, check out my HOW-TO on getting started. Check out some of my other projects here and get inspired! Or not quite ready to jump all the way in? You can follow and participate in my next project and even CO-HOST! Sign up for my newsletter here and get first dibs at all the kindness in action! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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